Friday, 14 August 2015

Premature Ejaculation: A Holistic Approach

Working with your partner

You have no idea how important it is to discuss the problem with your partner. I know that this is easier said than done, but you must bite the bullet and bring the subject on the table. You have to realize that your partner might not be aware of your problem at all. She might think that you are selfish in bed, she might think that you do not care so much about her or even she might think that you have the hots for her. She may believe that you just cannot control yourself when you are around her. Try to have an intimate conversation but outside the bedroom. Admit your problem and also your feelings regarding the same. Ideally, the two of you will try to find a solution together.

It is OK to ask for help.

You can try by educating yourself over the internet, perhaps buy some self help books, but the best thing that you can do is to ask for a professional help in dealing with coming too quickly. Sometimes only one or two sessions can do miracles; you have to find the right counselor or sex therapist for this, but it is totally worth every penny. When you talk with someone, especially a professional, they can help you find out what turns you on, and what turns you off; this is very important in dealing with sexual problems. You can even bring your partner to the therapist with you. There is a big chance that she is facing a problem like this for the first time in her life. Discussing your problems might not bring an instant solution, but it is definitely the first step in the right direction.

You might also consider taking a prescription to treat your symptoms.

There are some antidepressants that can be used to treat your condition; these drugs balance your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which regulate the ejaculation process. The results are not always stunning, but you can give it a shot. There are some other medications that are prescribed by physicians, but remember there are still no medications exclusively for this issue. These meds are used for treating some other conditions. These drugs can have side effects but generally they are safe. We will name only some of them: Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Priligy, and Viagra. You have to talk to your doctor before you decide to take any drugs. It might be more convenient to order medicine without consulting your doctor, as you won`t have to talk with anyone about your problem, but you shouldn't be ashamed of speaking with your doctor. He or she can give you advice and tell you all about the side effects of the medicine. He or she might give you some other advice, or tell you about some techniques to try in order to deal with your inability to have prolonged intercourse.

You can also attempt to raise your Serotonin naturally.

There are some other approaches that will help you boost your serotonin levels. If you exercise regularly, there is a great chance that you will increase the levels of serotonin in your body. Your physical activity will also have a positive impact on your levels of depression. There is no evidence that physical activity can treat rapid orgasms but it won`t hurt if you try. Physical activity has so many benefits; it is good for your heart and it can boost your mood as well. Long walks on a sunny day sometimes can have better effect than antidepressant medications. If you want to cope with blowing your load too soon, then you need to relax. We are familiar of the fact that stress can provoke your condition. There are so many techniques that will help you relax and manage stress, such as deep breathing, yoga meditation and many more. Do yourself a favor, and find a holistic healing method that works for you.

This post is sponsored by Plizeron, distributor of Premature Ejaculation Pills. As the author of this post, I would like to remind you that Premature Ejaculation Treatment is a holistic process. While treating Premature Ejaculation, we need to remember the interdependent nature of sexuality, intimacy, emotional health, and bio-physical factors which contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Sex Toys for Him and Her: Thank God for Technology

Technology has made some exciting strides in the realm of sex toys. Toys aren't just for women; there are plenty of options out there for men as well, and they've gone a long way from the "pocket pussy" (not that there's anything wrong with that old stand-by!). Frequent ejaculation is believed to be a component of good penis health, and masturbation is a great way for a man to get to know his body. Not to mention, it's one of the more enjoyable activities in the world. Learning about the amazing options out there can help a man expand his masturbatory horizons, and his lady's, too.

Autoblow 2

As the name suggests, the Autoblow 2 is designed to simulate the feeling of oral sex. It has a sleeve in which the penis is inserted, and two rows of rollers that move up and down the penis via motor power. The sleeve is easy to wash. It is recommended that men use a water-based lube with the toy. The Autoblow 2 runs upwards of $159.00, but for a hands-free solo-based simulated blow job, that's not likely too steep for many men.


The Lovely is a wearable device for the penis that serves many functions. First, it vibrates, which is a pleasurable experience whether with a partner or on one's own. But where the real technology comes in is with the Lovely App; the device records data, including thrusting G-force, speed and sex positions, and sends this information to an app that men can use to analyze their performance. Partners can participate in this process as well. Along with vibrating and giving performance information, the app makes suggestions for new positions to try. Finally, it counts how many calories a man burns during his romp.

Lovely's creators launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the product, but the campaign fell short. However, the creators are continuing to gather investors, so men should keep their eyes out for this fun device.

OhMiBod blueMotion

This funky toy allows couples to get frisky in public, adding a whole new level to foreplay. The man uses an Android or iPhone app to control the vibrator from up to 30 feet away, and the toy can be worn by a woman wherever she goes (it comes with a thong that contains a pocket for the vibrator). This opens up some options for couples with a naughty streak - the man can surprise the woman with a pulse here or there while they're out on the town, or send her on a prolonged journey to orgasm unexpectedly from another room. Discuss boundaries with partners.

These are but a few of the many options out there for playful men, and, with ever-advancing technology, the market can only be expected to grow more innovative and titillating.

As men incorporate new toys into the mix, they may find themselves spending a bit more time than before using their members. It's important to practice good hygiene and take extra care of the skin to prevent chafing and dryness.

Along with thoroughly washing all sex toys with mild cleanser and using plenty of lube, men may also want to invest in a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A crème with Shea butter and vitamin E provides superior moisture to protect skin from the frictions of the day and night, helping keep it soft, smooth and ready for the next romp, be it with a hand, toy or partner. Man1 Man Oil also contains acetyl L-carnitine, which has neuroprotective properties; this is important, as frequent and/or rough handling can lead to a deadening of penile nerves and therefore of pleasure over time. Keep the penis in top form with a penis health crème to ensure that those sex toys stay enjoyable for the long-haul.